Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 - Notes to self

Something quick today... our template has evolved into a well-oiled machine, but there's a lot to it, and sometimes we need to add some instructions or reminders to make sure we don't forget anything. We do this with a dedicated region and text style in a color and font that really stand out. A quick little note or a colored region often helps out; for instance a code reference or a choice to be made between multiple options.

The below image is part of our code analysis and has a bunch of notes, code references and regions where a value is to be updated. Shown here, you'll find plumbing calculations for male/female vs unisex facilities, and their code requirements.

In this case, we also started making snippets from the Florida Building Code for easy reference. Once used, they can be removed from the view, but keep in mind, this isn't recommended for all situations. (below: FBC Table 403.1: minimum number of required plumbing fixtures)

The Project Scope section by default has a series of possible scope items. At this point, it's pretty easy to quickly delete those items that don't apply, and add those that are perhaps more unique to the project. This has been part of our template mentality from the start, as it is (often) easier to delete what's not needed, then to set up that which is needed (when you might be short on time).

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