Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project Set-Up Sheet

A recent addition to our template has been the creation of a project set-up sheet. In short, this sheet is set as the project starting view and contains only a titleblock with all possible project related parameters, such as project name and number. This creates an overview in which we quickly fill out all significant information at the start of a project, which can be reviewed for completeness before printing.

Sometimes, Revit by default has provided us with instance parameters which we decided to replace with our own instance parameter assigned to the Project Information category. Drawn By and Check By are good examples of this, where changing this parameter had to be applied to all sheets individually. Since we've now assigned these to the project, as an instance parameter, one changes applies to all sheets.

The following is a list of all parameters currently included:

     - project name (line 1)
     - project name (line 2)
     - project description (for example: new construction, interior remodel ...)

     - location
     - client name
     - parcel id #
     - property description (legal description)

     - project #
     - drawn by (not the default instance parameter provided by Revit)
     - checked by (not the default instance parameter provided by Revit)
     - issue date
     - sign & seal date
     - sign & seal area (for example: "not for construction" or "for review only")

     - template - created on (tells us which template a project was started with)
     - template - last saved by (only two people are allowed to edit the template)

     - revision schedule

Most of these parameters are embedded in the titleblock as would be expected, whereas others are placed on the cover sheet, where we use a non-conventional but flexible technique to show them. This will be a post for later though.

For the revision schedule to show all submissions, we have to either draw a revision cloud for each submission, or edit the 'Revisions on Sheet' property, which is my preferred option.

One last thing, in the sheet's properties, we assigned the sheet its own unique Sheet Discipline and unchecked the 'Appears in Sheet List' check box, which pretty much makes this an invisible sheet (in schedules).

If you have any other thoughts about this setup, or if you can think of other parameters to add, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Sam,
    We are about to start building a revit template. would you mind expanding on " where we use a non-conventional but flexible technique to show them. This will be a post for later though." as you promised?

    1. Cameron, check out my latest post for more information.

  2. We also include all consultants and primary contact information, as well as SD, DD, CD, Permit, Bid, ... deadlines.

  3. in which view I can create the Project Set-Up Sheet?

    1. Davide, this is set up as a sheet with a custom titleblock, not as a view. The titleblock family contains all the labels for the project information you want to display.

    2. after the first failed attempt, I realized that it was a custom titleblock ;) thank you very much! very interesting blog!