Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ghosted Background Linework

I was asked if elevations had the ability to automatically grey out elements that are farther away from the front plane. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple way to accomplish this just yet. The Linework tool allows us to manually overwrite linestyles, but this is an impossibly slow process when dealing with linked models (easily up to 10 seconds per line). With the amount of elevations we're working with, this is just not a feasible approach.

As a solution, I created a parametric rectangular detail item with a solid white region which is stretchable directly in the view and has the ability to show or hide a border.

Edit: this can also be done using a filled region, but this won't have the ability to quickly turn the border on or off. However, filled regions are more flexible for custom shapes.

When loaded into the project, the Type Mark is set as 'Transparent Mask' which allows us to easily set up a view filter.

Once we add this filter to our interior elevation view templates, we can adjust the transparency to 50 percent.

Place the mask in your view, align & lock as needed and we're done! With Revit 2013's improvement on view templates, this was an easy implementation and will definitely be added to our project template.

Sample with border shown and hidden:

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  1. Another thing you might look at especially for exterior elevations is having a massing object with a transparent material. the Au class 45 tip showed this check it out.