Saturday, August 1, 2015

Anti-Purge Legends

a recent post on Jason Kunkel's blog (link) about users purging the entire model made me think about sharing a piece of our template setup to prevent this.

Families can only be purged if there's not a single instance of that family anywhere in the model. So the solution is pretty simple... create a legend view and place an instance of every text type, line type, tag, region, detail item , or even family. We have a few of these "anti-purge" legends (drafting elements, detail items, families), which also serve the purpose to check the families.

As long as there's at least one instance somewhere, nobody can purge it.


  1. Can you post a clearer graphic?...or even an example .RVT file? I'd love to follow your suggestions.


  2. Great idea. Definitly going to add this to our office template.

  3. Hi Sam, Thanks!

    When is your next update?

    1. Erik, you just made me realize it's been almost a year since my last post. I'll see what changes we've made in the last year that are worth sharing. Do you have any requests?