Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scheduling the same parameter twice

I recently received an equipment schedule for a commercial kitchen in one of our projects, which appeared to have been created in CAD. Since it’s a pretty wide schedule, the item number column on the left had been duplicated halfway the schedule and to the right, making it easier to read across a row.

I had never seen this before and it sparked my curiosity, since a Revit schedule only allows us to show a parameter once. The trick here is to use calculated values. Hitting the button with the three dots on the right of the Formula field will show you any available parameters to be used in a formula.

I tried this for an array of parameters in a door schedule, and it appears to work for most parameters, but certainly not all. In the example below, it didn't work for the Function parameter, but did work for Finish, Operation and other text parameters.


  1. Loving everything i'm seeing here.
    Just a ot to go through as i just found this blog. do you ever post your latest template for us to have a look at? Would be incredibly helpful.

    1. Thanks Bryan! Be sure to subscribe! :)

      Unfortunately, I will not be posting our template. It is considered company property, and it is not mine to share as a whole. If you have any requests for a futures post, I'd be more than happy to share how we approach things. I hope you understand.

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